Storefront enables you to have your own Storefront with your logo, description, pages and listing groups. There is also an in-store Search. To View your Storefront, visit<your username>.

The structure of Storefront is below. (Click to Enlarge)



If you want to have a logo and description, go to My iBay > Storefront > Seller Info tabd . Here, you can upload logo and write a description about your business. For best results, ensure you design the logo to 150x150 pixels. Otherwise, on upload we will resize it to 150x150 which may result in loss of quality and proportion.



If you want to display pages on Storefront, go to My iBay > Storefront > Manage Pages . You can click Edit against a page and Enable/Disable it or write page content. There are three standard pages:

About Us (detailed information about you)

Payment & Delivery (details on your payment and delivery options)

Refunds & Returns  (details on your refunds and returns policy)

There are two more pages for which you can give any name you need.


Listing Groups

Here you can define which listing groups are visible on your Storefront. Go to My iBay > Storefront. The groups you see are what's defined by us. From time to time, we may add new groups. You can Enable/Disable a group for your Storefront by clicking the Edit link.

For now, there are two groups:

Featured Products: This is a fixed group and you cannot change the name. This is the first group on the Storefront. You can add a maximum of 10 listings in to this group. To Add, click Edit/View Listings. On the left, you see available listings. You can filter it by category. Double click a listing, or select and Click Add. To finish, click Done.

group2: You can rename this group as you need. eg: New Arrivals, Huskuraa Sale etc. Add listings as explained above.


Homepage Banner

You can add maximum three banners. Dimension should be 1280x400 pixels and no more than 200KB. You can include a URL within iBay to direct users when they click the banner. Leave URL empty otherwise. To add banner, got My iBay > Storefront and scroll down to Homepage Banner.


Background Image

You can add a background image for your store's page. We suggest a transparent image with light colors. Size below 200KB. To add background image, got My iBay > Storefront and scroll down to Background Image.


Background Color

You can change background color for your store's page. To change background color, got My iBay > Storefront and scroll down to Background Color.


Navigation Bar Background and Text Color

You can change the background and text colors of the Navigation Bar of your store. To change navigation bar background and text color, got My iBay > Storefront and scroll down to Navigation Bar Background Color and Navigation Bar Text color.

If you need to rest the custom images and colors, got to My iBay > Storefront and click Restore Defaults button at the bottom of page.


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