Show your listing on Facebook Page

You can display your ibay listings on your Facebook page, in a separate tab using our ibayStore FB App. All your listings will be shown under "ibayStore" tab (you can rename this tab to whatever you want).

How do I add the Tab?

Click ibayStore app link. You will see the below screen prompting you to choose the Facebook Page/s you want to add the listings to. Select the Page/s and click Add Page Tab.


You will then be asked to enter RSS feed as shown below.

The RSS feed is . You have to replace xxx with your user id. User id is different from your username.

To get your user id, login/go to My ibay, and see your username below ibay logo on the top left. Next to the username, in brackets, is the user id. In the below case, the user id is 2.

For example, if your user id is 2, the RSS feed will be  .

If you want to show listings from a specific category only, you can use the cid=xxx to specifiy the category id. To find the category id, browse to the category and check the URL. Eg. if you go to the Mobile Phone category, the URL will be something like . The category id is the number after b. In this case it is 13.

Click Submit, and you will be taken to the new tab on your page, something similar to below. You will see all your listings on this tab.


How do I rename the Tab?

By default, the tab name is ibayStore. To change this, click More on your Page. You will see the below screen. (If you want to re-position the tab, you can click the tab name here and drag it up or down and click Save).


Click Add or Remove Tabs. You will see the list of Apps on you page including ibayStore App.


Click Edit Settings. You will see the screen below. Here, enter the name you want in the Custom Tab Name box.


How do I remove the Tab?

Follow the same instruction as in How do I rename the Tab? In the last screen, click remove.


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