Tips on Being a Good Seller on ibay

With ibay, you can establish yourself as a trusted online business. With the correct approach, whether you are a small shop or are a home business, you can become a well establish name online . Follow these simple steps:

  • Provide accurate and enough product information: Buyers need to know as much information about your product without having to contact you. Give details buyers need. State the price.
  • Include Photos: Use actual photo of the product which are clear. If there are defects, show them clearly.
  • Be true in the description: If the item is used, state that. If it has faults or problems, mention that. Do not lie about the product. Buyers will like you for being honest.
  • Sell through Fixed Price  / Auction: Selling through Fixed Price / Auction formats enables trade transactions through ibay. With this you can show Sales History for the product, and have Buyer Feedback & Rating about you. Buyer Feedback and Rating is very important  to develop your Seller Profile.
  • Have one listing for each product: Do not list the same items repeatedly. Have one listing and update the Quantity as needed. This way, you can build good Sales History and Feedback for the product (when sold through Fixed Price (Buy Now) selling format. A Buyer is more likely to go for a product that has a good Sales History and Feedback than one which does not have or have few sales.
  • Respond to customer requests quickly: Customers may contact you through phone, Private Messages and through Listing Message Board. Whatever the method, respond quickly and provide the information Buyers need. Buyers appreciate your quick replies. Do not publish a contact number that is switched-off or out of service.  Check your emails and Private Messages regularly.
  • Payment & Delivery Methods: When selling through Fixed Price / Auction, provide as many methods for Payment & Delivery as possible.
  • Provide great customer service: Talk politely with Buyers. Thank them for their business. Acknowledge payment. Arrange quick delivery. Be professional.
  • Keep Available Products: Do not keep Sold Out and Out of Stock items listed. Mark then as Sold Out or Disable those listings. You can enable them once stocks are available. Buyers prefer to know availability without having to contact you.
  • Get ID-Verified: Getting ID-Verified is an additional level of trust for the Buyer.


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