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Premium Seller

As a Premium Seller, in category listings and Search listings, your items will be marked as Premium Seller. Also when viewing the item in detail, Premium Seller icon will be displayed.

MVR 599.00 for every 90 days

How to Apply
Login and go to My ibay. Click the Subscription Plan link on the user menu (near the bottom on the left). The page will show your existing plan, its expiry date and option to subscribe to Premium Seller plan. Click Premium Seller option and select the Payment Method. If you are selecting ibayFund as the Payment Method, make sure you have enough credit. You can also pay by Credit Card (about 6% surcharge on credit card payment).

What if I want to subscribe for more than 90 days?
You can renew/extend the plan at any time. For example, if you subscribe to it 4 times today, your will be subscribed to 360 days (90 days x 4). Or, you can renew the plan when close to current expiry date.

Did you know the link to show all your listings: stores.ibay.com.mv/username


All Prices are inclusive of GST.

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