Managing Orders

An Order is created:

  • when an Auction ends with a sucessful bid. The Order is created automatically on behalf of the Buyer
  • When a Buyer uses Buy Now to place an Order

The process for Orders created through Buy Now is shown below:

For Orders coming through Auction win, Buyer will need to Update Delivery/Payment Methods before you Accept.

Once an order has been placed or created for an item, it will appear under My Selling Activities >> My Sales. There will be a tab for each of the above actions required from you.

The Orders pending your action are shown under My Sales >> Pending My Action tab. Awaiting Buyer shows Order for which Buyer has to take some actions. Your Actions will be notified to Buyer by Email and Private Messaging. Buyer Actions will be notified to you similarly.

Accept : This shows orders pending your acceptance. Once order has been placed by buyer, you would need to Accept it or Deline.

Confirm Payment Receipt: This Action is required for manual payments. Once a buyer has paid, you will be required to confirm it has been received. For Online Payment Methods, this is automatic.

Deliver : Once payment is received, Deliver action is required to mark the item as been Delivered. There is an option to print a Delivery Note, if needed.

Whenever you take any of the actions above, you will be asked to enter remarks/notes. This will be visible to the Buyer and we recommend you entering remarks that are relevant so that order can be tracked easily.

Pending Cancel:  Orders pending cancellation.

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