Payment Methods

When listing a product under Buy Now or Auction selling formats, you need to provide a Payment Method. The available Payment Methods on iBay currently are:

- Cash on Delivery (for all Sellers)

- Bank Transfer (for all Sellers)

- Card, Mobile Money and iCash (if you are interested to accept these payment methods, please Contact Us)


Different fees apply of different payment methods.

Cash on Delivery & Bank Transfer:

Premium Sellers: MVR 1 + 1% of transaction total (Maximum MVR 30)

Other Sellers:  MVR 1 + 1.5% of transaction total (Maximum MVR 50)

(As a promotional offer no fees will be charged till December 31, 2018)

You should have enough credit in your iCash to deduct the charges. Otherwise it will not be reflected in feedback and sales history.

For other payment methods, please Contact Us

Go to Accepted Payment Methods under My Selling Activities menu. Tick those methods you prefer. The selected methods will automatically be selected when you add Auction and Buy Now listings. You can still select/remove other methods at the time of adding a listing even if you have not ticked them under Accepted Payment Methods.


The Fixed Surcharge is a fixed amount that is added to the Order total if the Payment Method is selected by buyer at the time of checkout. The Surcharge (%) is applied on the total for the item. You can only apply surcharges on Payment Methods enabled by us.

When adding a listing, if you select Buy Now or Auction as a Selling Format, you can select the preferred Payment Methods. By default the methods you selected in  Accepted Payment Methods will be ticked by default, bu you can change as needed.


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