Classifieds, Auction & Buy Now Selling Formats

When listing an item on iBay, there are three selling formats available, depending on the item category. You can select the format when adding a listing.


The default listing format on iBay is Classifieds. If you want to keep things simple and list the item as classified ad, select this format. Visitors will see your listing and contact you on phone or messaging to arrange terms of trade, delivery and payment.  You will have to select Duration, enter Price and Quantity.


With Auction, buyer can bid on your items. When you select Auction as a Selling Format in Add Listing, you will see the below fields to be filled.

Auction Duration:  number of days you want to run the auction
Opening Bid: opening bid amount. You can also leave this at 0
Min. allowed bid increment: minimum bid increment when placing bids
Reserve Price:   Price to which bids must reach in order for the bid to be a winning bid. If no bids meet the reserve price, the auction will close with no winning bidder.

Buy Now Price:                 If you enter a price here, buyers can use Buy Now feature to place an order for thisitem. If left blank, Buy Now won’t be shown for this listing.

Buy Now

With Buy Now you can allow buyers to use Buy Now to place orders.  The Quantity you enter will be used to keep track of available stock. When you select Buy Now as a Selling Format in Add Listing, you will see the below fields to be filled.



Delivery Methods, Payment Methods and Return Policy

With Auction and Buy Now Selling Formats, you will be required to enter Delivery Methods, Payment Methods and Return Policy.

To add Delivery Methods for the item, select Default or Customize for this Product. See Default Delivery Method setup.

Tick the Payment Methods buyer can use to pay for this item. If you have selected Payments Methods in “Accepted Payment Methods” (under My Selling Activities menu), those methods will be automatically selected. You can still Edit them here. If ibay Admin has enabled surcharges on Payment Methods, you can state the additional fixed charge and % charge buyers have to pay if they select the Payment Method.


Returns Policy tells potential buyers how and whether you handle returns.


Why Use Buy Now

Orders placed through Buy Now enables Buyers and Sellers to rate and provide feedback about each other. If you want to build your seller profile, reputation and sales history, this is the recommended Selling Format.

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