Guide to Buying through Auction & Buy Now

Why Use Buy Now  / Auction: Once you order through Buy Now or Auction, the order is recorded on ibay and you can keep track of the Order progress. You can also leave rating and feedback about the Seller.


You can place a bid on an Auction listing.

Before you place a bid, check the Delivery & Payment Methods available for the item. Make sure Seller has Delivery Methods to your island before you place the bid. By placing a bid on an auction, you agree to purchase the item at the bid price should your bid becomes the winning bid, and as long as the Seller complies with the posted terms.

If your bid ends as the highest bid for the Auction, and if your price meets the Reserve Price set by the Seller, an Order is automatically created on your behlf. You will be then required to update Payment & Delivery Methods for the Order.


Buy Now

For Buy Now enabled listings, you can place Orders. At Checkout, you will be asked to select Delivery and Payment Methods. (Actual Payment will be done after Seller confirms).

The Order process is shown below:

For Orders coming through Auction win, you will need to Update Delivery/Payment Methods before Seller Accepts.

Please adhere to safe buying practices before you commit to any trade. 


Managing Orders

Once an order has been placed or created for an item, it will appear under My Buying Activities >> My Purchases. There will be a tab for each of the above actions required from you.

The Orders pending your action are shown under Pending My Action tab. Awaiting Action from Seller shows Order for which Seller has to take some actions. Your Actions will be notified to Seller by Email and Private Messaging. Seller Actions will be notified to you similarly.

Update Delivery/Payment: This shows orders pending updating of Delivery & Payment Methods. These are Orders created when you win an Auction.

Pay: This will show Orders accepted by Seller and pending payment. At the moment we have only manual payment methods such as Cash on Delivey and Bank Transfer.

Confirm Receipt of Goods: These are Orders delivered by Seller and are waiting for tou to acknowledge receipt.

Whenever you take any of the actions above, you will be asked to enter remarks/notes. This will be visible to the Seller and we recommend you entering remarks that are relevant so that order can be tracked easily.

Give Feedback:  You can provide the Feedback about the Seller. You can also use the Feedback menu under My ibay.

If any of the Action required from you is pending for more than 14 days without any dispute being raised, we may mark the Action as done and complete. Eg. If you do not Confirm Receipt of  Goods, we may mark goods as received after 14 days of the Seller marking it as Delivered, if no dispute is raised by you within the 14 days.


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