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Delivery Zones

As a Seller, you can create upto four Delivery Zones to meet your requirement. Generally, a Delivery Zone is a group of islands to which you have a Delivery Method at the same price. One island cannot be in more than one Delivery Zone.  Please refer to Delivery Zones and Available Islands for the list of Delivery Methods and available Islands.


Creating a Delivery Zone

Click Delivery Zones under My Selling Activities menu in My iBay.  Enter a Delivery Zone name and click Add New.

Click Click to Edit/View to add island for that location. Add the required islands to the Zone and click Done when finished.


Example  on Creating Delivery Zone

Let’s say you are a Seller in Male’.

  • You offer free delivery in Male'
  • You deliver to Hulhumale and Villingili for a fee
  • Any buyer can pickup products from you

In this case, you can create three Delivery Zones: one for Male', one for Hulhumale & Villingili and one for the rest of the islands.

  • Create a Delivery Zone called My Island and add Male to it
  • Create a Delivery Zone called Hulhumale-Villingili and add Hulhumale and Villingili to it
  • Create Other Islands and add all other islands to it

When adding a product, you can enable:

  • Doorstep Delivery by Seller delivery method to My Island zone for free
  • Doorstep Delivery by Seller delivery method to Hulhumale-Villingili zone for a fee
  • Buyer to Pickup delivery method for zones My Island, Hulhumale-Villingili and Other Islands zones

This will allow:

  • Buyers from Male to add Doorstep Delivery by Seller (free) or Buyer to Pickup delivery methods
  • Buyers from Hulhumale and Villingili  to select Doorstep Delivery by Seller (for a fee) or or Buyer to Pickup as delivery methods
  • Buyers from all other islands to select Buyer to Pickup delivery method

 At the moment we have two Delivery Methods: Buyer to Pickup (buyer has to come to the Seller tp pickup the goods) and Doorstep Delivery by Seller (Seller will delivery the goods to the Buyer's address).

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