Prioritize Listing

Prioritizing a listing enables you to place it towards the top of category (final level category) and search listings. The bid amount determines the placement of the ad when displayed with other ads in a listing. The higher the bid amount, the closer to the top of the page the ad appears.

Each time the listing is clicked on from the search page or category listing page, the bid amount is deducted from your iCash account.

To bid for a top spot, go to Manage Listings and click Prioritize under Actions. ( Before that you may want to set a notification email by clicking the Priority Listing link under My Selling Activities menu. Tick how you want to be notified).

When setting up the listing, you can state how much you are willing to pay per click, your period (daily, weekly or monthly) maximum budget and your total budget for the campaign.

You can pay for this feature through iCash


All Prices are inclusive of GST.

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