How to Sell on iBay

Once account is activated a login to ibay. Go to My iBay (top right corner of homepage). Go to Add Listing under My Selling Activities on the left.

1. Select Category

First you will be required to select the category for your listing. Click the most appropriate category. Click the See sample listings link at the bottom to see sample listings for the selected category. Selecting incorrect categories may delay approval.

When the final category is selected, Next button will appear. Click Next to continue.

2. Enter Product Information

Location: This is the island the item is in. By default, it is the Location defined in your profile.

Title: Give a short descriptive title. Do not just state "iphone for sale", "car for sale" or "apartment for rent". More appropriate titles would be "Brand New iphone 4S 64GB", "Used Toyota Corolla for Sale", or "2-Bedroom Apartment for Rent".

Description: Give more details about the product. State any defects in the product. Describe the condition.

Other Category Specific Fields: Depending on the Category, you will be asked to provide additional info. Eg. For mobile phones, you have to enter Brand & Model. For Digital Camera, enter Brand, Pixel Size and Camera Type. Make sure you complete these extra fields.

YouTube Video: You can include a YouTube video in your listing by entering the video ID in this field. Do not enter the video URL, only the ID.


3. Select a Selling Format

There are three Selling Formats for items for Sale. They are Classifieds, Auction & Fixed Price. A Classified listing is a normal classifieds listing. In an Auction listing, users can bid on your item and for Fixed Price, Buyers can use Buy Now to buy those items.


4. Upload Images

Photos of your product helps a great deal in selling your item. Include clear photos of the actual item.


5. Submit Listing

Clicking Submit will save your listing if all required fields are completed. It may take sometime to upload images. If listing is successful, you will see the page below. If you remain on the create listing page even after submitting, you have some required fields not completed. Check and submit again.

All new listings will have to be checked and approved by us. It will not take long for this. Please make sure you have fully completed the listing process.

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